During the first half of Twentieth Century Bulgaria was among the notable nations in Europe in the field of aviation. In the beginning of that period – in 1912 “Bulgarian State Aircraft Workshops” (“Aeroplanes DAR”) was founded. It was created under the auspices and with the direct contribution of Bulgarian King Ferdinand I as a workshop for the national air force and later became a manufacturing company. The first manager was German aeronautical engineer and aircraft designer Hermann Winter. After his contract with “Aeroplanes DAR” finished he went back to Germany and created one of the most famous planes in German aviation history “Fieseler Storch”, an airplane with extremely short take-off and landing. In 1925 the company started producing airplanes under the name “DAR”. Various planes came out of the factory, including successful copies of German “Albatros C.III”, “Focke-Wulf Fw 44J” as well as the Bulgarian designed “DAR 10” light bomber. However, due to some uncertain circumstances and obstacles, in 1943 “Aeroplanes DAR” ceased to exist.

From left to right: DAR-6, DAR-5, DAR-4, DAR-3, DAR-2, DAR-1, Bozhurishte airfield, Bulgaria, year 1934

After the fall of communism, Bulgaria of the 90s was a place full of hope and enthusiasm. One of those enthusiasts was Mr. Tony Ilieff, an aeronautical engineer working at the Sofia International Airport. In 1995 he, with a small group of engineers started an ultralight aircraft producing company. He named the company “Aeroplanes DAR” thus partially reinstating the legendary “Bulgarian State Aircraft Workshops” from the first half of 20th century. Even the location of the new company has been chosen to be at the place where it all started almost a century ago. So, “Aeroplanes DAR” is an innovative company with a long history that began in the previous century. They are proud to say they are older than “Boeing”. From 1995 when Mr. Ilieff took over the company serial production became a priority. The target is mass production of single-, two- and four-seated ultralight and light airplanes based on mixed metal-composite technology.


From left to right: DAR 11, DAR 21 Mark I, DAR 21 Mark II, DAR 23 Mark I, DAR Solo, DAR Duo, years 1995-2016