Wing and Tail Surfaces

made of preformed spars, ribs, leading edges and skins, 2 x 36 l fuel tanks, composite flaperons and winglets; all parts are prepared on CNC and laser cutting machines


main boom, seats, pod, cockpit canopy and rear section formed on mold with composite epoxy system, all controls, nose and main gear, three point belts, wing struts, engine mount and all hardware; all factory welded parts and aluminum elements are preformed on CNC and laser cutting machines.

Basic Configuration:

  • Open Cockpit
  • Fuel Tank (20 l) behind the Seats
  • Aluminum Wheels 8ʺ with Wheel Fairings
  • Mechanical Brakes on the Main Gear
  • Full Dual Control
  • Full Size Toe Rudder Pedals
  • 12 V Electrical Outlet
  • Colour: White

Price: 21,000 CAD

Ordered Separately:

  • Engine: Rotax 582UL DCDI (65 hp) with Type C Gear Box and Cowling Price: 9,300 CAD
  • Three Blade Composite Propeller with Spinner Price: 1,300 CAD
  • Instruments: Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Altimeter, Inclinometer, Magnetic Compass, Electronic Engine Monitoring System (Tachometer, CHT, EGT, Cooling Liquid Temperature, Fuel, Volts, Hobbs Meter) Price: 1,500 CAD


  • Customer’s Choice of Engine (60-110 hp)
  • Enclosed Heated and Ventilated Cockpit
  • Fuel Tanks (2 x 36 l) in the Wing
  • Hydraulic Brakes on the Main Gear
  • Customer’s Set of Instruments including “Glass Cockpit”
  • Trig TY91 Radio with Intercom and PTT Buttons on both Control Sticks
  • Trig TT21 Mode S Transponder
  • ELT (406 MHz) (Canada)
  • Landing Light (LED)
  • Navigation/Position Lights (LED) (Green, Red)
  • Tail Strobe Light (LED)
  • BRS Galaxy 3/450
  • Folding Wing
  • Customer’s Colour Scheme (up to three colour)

* Cargo Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe – Toronto, Ontario, Canada included.

** Prices are subject to change without notice depending on EUR/CAD exchange rate.


DAR  Duo


Wing span 31 ft
Wing area 116 sq ft
Length 15 ft 7 in
Height 8 ft 1 in
Cabin width 48 in
Engine Rotax 582UL DCDI (65 hp)
Never exceed speed 70 kts
Cruising speed 60 kts
Stall speed 32 kts
Rate of climb 433 ft/min
Empty weight 331 lbs
Maximum load capacity 485 lbs
Maximum take-off weight 838 lbs
Fuel quantity 72 l